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Re: Important keyboard problem (^[[B sent indefinitely)

On Sun, 20 Apr 2003, Vincent Lefevre wrote:

> I was using emacs on my Titanium, and suddenly the machine behaved as
> if the Ctrl key were permanently pressed.
> [...]
> Did anyone have the same problem or a similar one? (I remember that
> at least another user had a similar problem.) Has it been fixed?

I've had this problem on my iBook2.  Every so often (about every 10 hours
of use) keys start to `stick', and stay stuck until they are pressed
again.  ISTR rebooting fixes the problem, and it certainly doesn't happen
in Mac OS X.

Glad[1] that it isn't just me who has this problem :)


[1] In a `someone more clueful than me might have this problem and fix it'
type way.  I would if I had any semblance of skill :\

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