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Re: burn cd on mac for new pc server - how?

Hi Patrick

Just followed your instructions and it worked, thanks.

On 11/04/03, Patrick Baltz (pbaltz@cs.wisc.edu) wrote:
> I've burned many x86 bootable ISO images using OS X.
> Yes, you need to use Disk Copy to burn bootable ISOs in OS X.  Open Disk 
> Copy and press apple-B (or cmd-B if you like), or go to the middle (I 
> believe running linux right now) menu and select Burn image....  It will 
> give you a file dialog to find the ISO.  Just select it, hit OK, and 
> then Burn in the dialog that pops up.
> Don't mount the ISO image before doing this, because I think it cause 
> problems but it's been a while since I've done this so maybe it's okay.

What you remember is correct. You can't burn a mounted image.

Rory Campbell-Lange 

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