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Install problem, no boot after all


Recently, I received a PowerMac 4400/200 as a gift. As Debian offered a
port for this, I gave it a try...
Shortly the result was having a computer at the end, which cannot boot,
nor even displays anything else just a blank screen.

I have the MacOS install disk, the computer was working fine before the
Debian installation trial, ...

Here is what I've done:
- Created 1.5 GB free disk space on the harddrive
- Downloaded 3.0 floppy disks, and boot 
- Partition the free disk space, configure network, and let the
installer fetch all the packages from the net
- At the end, there was a question about ~"boot loader", which
unfortunately I accepted and then reboot

Since that I not even the MacOS boot loader works, or even allows me to
load any boot media (floppy, cd)...

Once again, I know that this port is not 100% functional, nor provides
any guarantee. 
Any help would be really appreciated to recover the machine with or
without MacOS... 

Thanks in advance,

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