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Re: comparing x86 and powerpc laptops

My personal opinion is that Apple laptops are great hardware, but the linux community using them is so much smaller that it was hard to get some of the things common on x86. It's much improved in the past year or so in my opinion.
However, you really need to look at the price/performance to make your decision. I would figure out which powerpc laptop you want, and then look at x86 laptops with comparable features (multimedia, size, weight, display, etc.). MHz really is a myth in most computers on the market now, because it is very rare that the CPU is the bottleneck in your system. I've think I've heard that the speed comparison is 1 to 1.5 for powerpc to intel, but I can't give exact figures. What you really want to do is make sure the laptop has a sizable caches (L1, L2, etc.), a significant amount of RAM that is expandable to probably at least 1GB, the fastest system bus you can get, and a HD that is big enough to meet your needs. Also, if you can get wireless with it great. Gigabit ethernet is nice too, but rare to find a Gigabit network and probably overkill for a laptop anyways.

Hope that helps,

florian wrote:

im currently thinking about buying a laptop. basically i
wonder if its worth to get a powerpc laptop, since most
x86 ones are alot cheaper. besides the nice design of the hardware, are there any reasons? (i would only use debian on it, so things like
mac os x dont really matter)

to which x86 could you compare the speed/performance of
the 1ghz powerbook?


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