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Odd ibook problem.

Ok, I have been having an odd problem that I thought was a small matter
but now I am seeing it to be much more of a problem.  I have burned OS's
and other cd's before and tried to load them in my ibook without luck. 
The cd's do not get recognized by the ibook, yet, on my imac they do. 
The odd thing is that I know that they work because my imac loads them
perfectly.  When I tried to boot from my cdrom on my ibook it did
notthing but grumble and tell me that the disc was unrecognizable, yet
in my imac it booted right up.  I have no such problems in factory
stamped cd's.  Oddly, I have taken the same disc, made a copy of it and
the copy won't work but the original will, and some of the older discs
that I have burned worked perfectly.  Could this be a matter of cheap
cd's or them being burned too fast?

Thanks again,

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