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Re: PBG4 12" and "video=ofonly"

* Georg Koss wrote:
> Hello all!
> When I boot, I need the yaboot-option append="video=ofonly" for
> getting an usable console. Otherwhiles I get a small console in the
> center of my LCD which doesn't work proper.


> As I read, there is a problem after returning from XFree to console
> resulting in something that could be the console I get without the
> append="video=ofonly".
> So my question is if there exists any possibility to get back to that
> video=ofonly behavior (sorry for my simple minded explanation).

If you boot without video=ofonly you'll get a unsuable console, but you
can use X without problems (start/quit/...).

Otherwise I haven't tested. You'll have to choose if you want to use
console or X properly.

Matthias Schmidt

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