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Re: burn cd on mac for new pc server - how?

I've burned many x86 bootable ISO images using OS X.

Yes, you need to use Disk Copy to burn bootable ISOs in OS X. Open Disk Copy and press apple-B (or cmd-B if you like), or go to the middle (I believe running linux right now) menu and select Burn image.... It will give you a file dialog to find the ISO. Just select it, hit OK, and then Burn in the dialog that pops up.

Don't mount the ISO image before doing this, because I think it cause problems but it's been a while since I've done this so maybe it's okay.


Rory Campbell-Lange wrote:
I've downloaded a new custom debian install iso for a Dell PowerEdge
2650 from http://mirror.devolus.org/debian-cd/debian-netinst/steve/bootbf2.4_2.3.20.iso

I've tried to burn CDs using OSX 10.2.4 opening the iso and dragging the
contents to the CD, and also just copying the iso image to the CD.
Nothing is successful!

Also the rescue file seems to be in an odd location to be able to boot
from it. Comments gratefully received!

    |-- basedebs.tar
    |-- boot
    |   `-- rescue.bin
    |-- boot.catalog
    `-- dists
        `-- woody
            |-- main
            |   `-- disks-i386
            |       `-- current
            |           |-- bf24
            |           |   `-- drivers.tgz
            |           `-- images-144
            |               `-- bf24
| `-- rescue.bin -> `-- release

Thanks for any help

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