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Re: Install problem, no boot after all

On Sun, Apr 06, 2003 at 09:53:15AM +0200, Tamas Nagy wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently, I received a PowerMac 4400/200 as a gift. As Debian offered a
> port for this, I gave it a try...
> Shortly the result was having a computer at the end, which cannot boot,
> nor even displays anything else just a blank screen.
> I have the MacOS install disk, the computer was working fine before the
> Debian installation trial, ...
> Here is what I've done:
> - Created 1.5 GB free disk space on the harddrive
> - Downloaded 3.0 floppy disks, and boot 
> - Partition the free disk space, configure network, and let the
> installer fetch all the packages from the net
> - At the end, there was a question about ~"boot loader", which
> unfortunately I accepted and then reboot
> Since that I not even the MacOS boot loader works, or even allows me to
> load any boot media (floppy, cd)...
> Once again, I know that this port is not 100% functional, nor provides
> any guarantee. 
> Any help would be really appreciated to recover the machine with or
> without MacOS... 

I see you've got the installer rebooted (and Clive told you how to
reset if you have to force back to MacOS or the floppy). BTW, there's
no need to go thru the complete installation each time. After 
configuring the keyboard and mounting the swap and root partitions,
the installer figures out what's already been done and makes
the next logical step default on the menu.

The utility that's failing for you is not really quik, but a 
program that quik uses called ofpath which tries to determine
the Open Firmware path for your boot device (quik needs to use 
Open Firmware's limited file system smarts to load the kernel.)

If you can figure out what the right path for your hard drive is,
you can set the boot-device Open Firmware using nvsetenv from an
installer shell. Clues may be found at www.netbsd.org, I think
a more specific link might be found in the installation manual.


Chris Tillman
- Linux Rox -

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