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kernel bug while mounting hfs cdrom


I have got a CD lying around that is reportedly burned for
MAC; so I tried to mount it as follows:

mount -t hfs /dev/cdrom /mnt/

I then got a fancy kernel error message:

kernel BUG at buffer.c:2501!
vector: 0 at pc = c0042984, lr = c0042984
msr = 9032, sp = c4833d10 [c4833c58]
current = c4832000, pid = 4897, comm = mount

(typing 'x' at the prompt will make the system continue)

This occured on an ibook (600 MHz G3, ATI M3, softmodem)
with a self-compiled benh-kernel (cat /proc/version gives
Linux version 2.4.20-pre9-ben0 (root@furbile) (gcc version 
  2.95.4 20011002 (Debian prerelease)) #1 Sat Oct 5 06:30:07 CEST 2002 )

the bug seems to occur in fs/buffer.c, after the
	/* Size must be multiple of hard sectorsize */
	if (size & (get_hardsect_size(dev)-1))

Any ideas?
(I am going to reboot into os/x to see if the CD is
actually mountable or not; but even then, a kernel
bug should not occur... :) )

Philipp Kaeser / kaeser@gubbe.ch

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