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Re: Acard 6260M and PMac Oldworld

On  17 Apr, this message from David Ulrich echoed through cyberspace:
> I have a PowerMac 9500MP which run a debian 2.4.18 SMP kernel.
> I want to know if I can install the linux on a HD on an Acard 6260M.

Probably, but...

> I can boot from it?

Unless it has a Mac OpenFirmware ROM (i.e. it is a product specifically
designed for Macs and the box says it is bootable), you will not be able
to directly boot from it. The firmware loads the Linux kernel, so to be
able to do so the firmware needs to be able to access that drive.
Without OF ROM, it can't do so.

> Does the floppy linux installer see the HD on an 
> Acard 6260M?

Probably not, as I doubt the kernel on the floppy has the required
driver built-in. I hear IDE as a module is flaky too, so even loading it
as a module may not work. You'd need to build a custom kernel and use
that to install.



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