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Re: battery life

On   7 Apr, this message from Michael Schmitz echoed through cyberspace:
>> >http://ryoko.camperquake.de/solutions
>> Anyone tested it. Is that working?

Tried it yesterday after my battery went down to 1514 max_charge.

After studying some Li-ion battery docs, I found that end-of-discharge
voltage for those batteries should be 3.0V. I noticed PMU still gave me
14.0V when charge was aproaching 0%; so I decided to let it drain down
to 12.0V (4 cells in series). That gave me another 45 minutes of

The smart battery will stop delivering power at 12.0V, so the PowerBook
will be shut off the hard way once at that point :-). So it's been shown
the protection circuit of the battery works :-)).

However, after recharging the battery, I haven't gained much capacity
back: I now have a max_charge of 1574.

So I guess it will just be time for a new battery soon....

> Not with battery life per se, but I did that sort of PMU reset on my
> Lombard after it refused to charge the battery in the default bay, and
> all was fine.
> I'll have to try that again now that battery life is degrading. Max
> charge of 1745 is OK for Lombard, right?

Looks good to me... My TiBook is down to 1574 :-(

What do other people get as voltage reading when their battery is fully
charged, and when aproaching 0% charge? I'd be interested to see if PMU
always stops discharging 'early', as it obviously did for me (at 14.0V
vs. end-of-discharge at 12.0V).



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