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Re: 3 kernel related questions

On  23 Apr, this message from dylan echoed through cyberspace:
> 1> i have downloaded the source for a kernel (2.4-benh-2.4.20-ben10)
> that has been optimised for old-world SCSI-based machines such as the
> 8500 from:
> http://www.ppckernel.org/kernel.php?id=24

That's a good kernel choice.

> -->my question: i have a config file that i would like to modify and
> use to make a new kernel... however, is it enough just to do a 'make
> menuconfig' and inport my custom config file? does it save it in the
> correct location?

Just copy your existing config to .config in the top-level directory,
then run

  make oldconfig

which will ask only those questions for options not in your old config.

Then carry on as usual with make menuconfig.

> furthermore, are there any PPC-related steps that i
> should follow when making the kernel?

No, just choose the right options :-) A few things to take care about:

- Input layer
- Linux keycodes (and not old-style ADB keycodes)
- no standard serial support (only Mac-style ports)

Re. PlanB, see my other post.



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