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Re: kernel bug while mounting hfs cdrom

On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 12:54:03PM +0200, furball@gubbe.ch wrote:
> I have got a CD lying around that is reportedly burned for
> MAC; so I tried to mount it as follows:
> the bug seems to occur in fs/buffer.c, after the
> assertion:
> 	/* Size must be multiple of hard sectorsize */
> 	if (size & (get_hardsect_size(dev)-1))
> 		BUG();
> Any ideas?
> (I am going to reboot into os/x to see if the CD is
> actually mountable or not; but even then, a kernel
> bug should not occur... :) )

I suspect that this is a bug in the HFS code in Linux,
which seems to be more or less unsupported these days.
My guess is that the hardware sectors on the CD are 1024
bytes, and the HFS code assumes 512 byte sectors. Without
having more info, it's hard to be sure.

	Brad Boyer

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