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Can't play audio CD's on G4 (woody)


I've been trying to get my head around sound.  I've recompiled the
kernel, 2.4.18 powerpc, making sure that the soundcore module is
included.  I've created a symlink cdrom > /dev/hdc in /dev.  I've made
myself a member of group audio.  I've chown'ed the cdrom in /dev to
group audio.  /dev/dsp is also in group audio.

Whenever, I load KDE 3.3.1 I get an error "device /dev/dsp doesn't
exist" (but it does).  When I try to play a CD using Xmms it can't seem to read
the Audio CD and suggests I make sure I have the requisite permissions
(which I have).

Any help would be appreciated



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