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Lost Network connection after kernel recompile on G4


I have a PowerMac G4 (Gigabit ethernet) 450Mhz dual processor. It has been working fine on the LAN using the standard 2.4.18 kernel. Currently I'm still dual booting (MacOSX) using Yaboot 1.3.8.

I recompiled the kernel for SMP support and after a couple of tries the new kernel compiled and installed successfully. However, I seem to have lost network connectivity - I can't ping the Router which is also the DHCP server. I haven't found a way to post the output from dmesg to the Mac side so that I could attach it but I believe the relevant entries are as follows:

eth0 PHY ID 0x00206047

(last four lines of dmesg below)
eth0 Found Broadcom BCM5400 PHY Gigabit
eth0 Link state change, phy_status: 0x616d
eth0     Link up ! BCM54xx aux_stat: 0xf534 (link mode: 5)
eth0     Full Duplex: 1, Speed: 100

The above would suggest that ethernet is working fine. I went back to menuconfig to check that I hadn't missed a vital networking ingredient and compiled again but no improvement resulted.

As I've now recompiled twice, I seem to have lost the original kernel configuration to get back to where I was before - so I'm a bit stuck ;-(

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.



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