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Re: nvsetenv

On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 05:14:36PM +0200, David Campillos wrote:
> Hello again!
Hi :-)

> My machine: PPC 9600/350
> My problem: it breathes with any problem
> I am trying to set the parameters in order to boot the correct kernel
> image. As some list members wrote, I am using the nvsetenv command.
> This is the configuration set by me with nvsetenv command:

> auto-boot?    	false

you may try 'true' also, if you don't get any screen output

> boot-device    	scsi/sd@1:0

Are you sure you are booting off a scsi hd ?
if not, 'ata/ata-disk@0:0' or similar could be the right thing

> boot-file    	/boot/vmlinux-2.2.19-pmac   // I think it is the correct

if the boot-device is correct, try with the full path :

> output-device    	/bandit@F4000000/ATY,mach64@D

did you try 'screen' ?
> The problem is that with this parameters the computer does not start.
> The screen does not output any boot message, and a display says 'no
> signal input or cable disconnected'.
> Where is the problem? Any idea?

I think you've got the wrong output-device settings ... and maybe the wrong
boot-device (not very helpful, I know...)

Unfortunately, this parameters are peculiar to your hardware.

If it boots another way (for example with floppy), look in /proc to see
if you have a device tree that looks like the paths in OF. I don't know 
where it is exactly because that option is not built into my kernel, but 
I _think_ it is in the default kernel.

If you find the tree, you may be able to see your devices and the correct
path to them (this should be under 'ata' for IDE hd, under 'scsi' for SCSI, and
your video card should be under 'bandit').
'dmesg' could also give you some information, at least about your video hw

You can also check http://www.apple.com (the support page) to find a detailled
description of your machine: all machines are archived somewhere (sorry for
the lack of detail). It may include a System Block Diagram that will show you
what hardware you have, and corresponding names (e.g. 'bandit' for the pci

Simon Vallet
Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon

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