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java-gnome builds

  The java-gnome source package used to be in contrib due to build
dependencies on ant and j2sdk1.4. I've now replaced this by writing a
small script to replace ant and use a free compiler. I've also moved the
package to main. 
  Automatic builds of java-gnome have not been attempted since the first
release, where they all failed - I assume the buildd maintainers did
something to stop attempting. Unfortunately, they have not started since
the package has moved to main (and so has become buildable). Despite my
best efforts looking at documentation and web pages, I have not found an
appropriate person to ask about this, hence I'm writing to this list. I
also have an open bug report requesting a powerpc build.

Can people on this list start the builds again? Will it apply to all
architectures, or do I have to contact all the debian-arch lists?
(Sorry, I really know nothing about the work done by build maintainers)

Please CC me - I'm not on this list
  .''`. Mark Howard
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