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Re: keymaps

At 14:56 Uhr +0200 15.04.2003, Zeno Davatz wrote:
Frank Murphy wrote:

I get the öäüéàè but I do not get the |@~ on the right place. I already
got these before as well.

OK. Where is the @ key on your keyboard?

that @ is on the G on my keyboard but at moment it is on the 2. The
~ is on the M but at the moment it is on the ^. And the | is on the
7 but it is on the ^ at the moment.

This is what it's usually on PC keyboards. For some reason unknown to
me, PC and Apple are using different keyboard layouts.

I personally have get used to the PC layout (this makes it easier to
switch between PC's and my macs, and the []{} chars on the PC layout
are also in a better position for programming in languages like C or

Here are the X keymaps I am using on a lombard:

(BTW, what I am wondering is: how would I make Mac-on-linux to use
the same keyboard layout, when run in a console? I think it's not
using the console keymaps, instead it shows the usual Apple key
mappings. And I would prefer a PC layout in MOL..;)


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