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Re:Re: Debian on Titanium G4 17

the linux.bin kernel boot

but crashes writing
hub.c: new USB device 10:1a.0-1, assigned address 2

I've tried too with the 2.4.20-ben10 kernel

but same point of crash

tom bouillut

Le dimanche, 20 avr 2003, à 16:21 Europe/Paris, Matthias Schmidt a écrit :


* bouillut @ no-log. org wrote:
i'm trying to install debian 30r1 cd on my new titanium G4 17
but the installer cannot see my internal disk and then cannot partition
or install anything

Maybe you have the same problem like me ... I have a 12" PB and this
modell has an ATA100 driver.

To get your Installation working try a patched kernel. I've written all
my experiences during installation with the 12" modell down. Have a look
at it, maybe it'll be helpfully for you.

URL: http://www.mathematik.uni-marburg.de/~schmidtm/apple/

Matthias Schmidt

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