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Re: ben10 kernel and ibook 2.2

On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 01:11:12PM EDT,
Pisupati, Ajay (ajay.pisupati@pw.utc.com) wrote:
> hello everyone,
> 	I want to upgrade my kernel from ben2 to ben10.  I have an ibook2.2.
> But before I do that
> I want to confirm something.  there were a couple of people who reported
> having a lot of problems w/ their M7 once they moved to ben9 kernel.
> whatever happened with that?  Last I heard,
> one of them was taking his ibook to the apple store.  don't know what
> happened after.  did I miss some postings after, telling us what happened? 
> In either case, my question is, 
> can I upgrade to ben10 and expect my ibook to still function properly?
> No offense Ben :). I think you do excellent work.  just want to make sure.

Yes, I've been meaning to update things.  I sent my iBook 2.2 off to
Apple and they replaced the motherboard.  I'm running ben-10 right now
and everything is working wonderfully - no problems for the past week or
so.  Sleep functionality is much smoother and more reliable than with
previous kernels.


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