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Re: pilot-manager, no permission at sync-status

The best way to fix that is to check the permissions on /dev/ttya and put your user account in the system group that owns /dev/ttya.

Do a 'usermod -G group_name userid' to add your login account to the group. You may want to run the program 'id' from the terminal after logging in to check if you are in any other supplementary groups (groups after the 'groups=' part of the output), because you'll need to add those to the usermod command since it doesn't append the supplementary groups (e.g. 'usermod -G old_group1,old_group2,group_of_ttya userid').

ttya should probably be owned by something like 'dialout'. if it's owned by the 'root' or 'sys' group, you probably don't want to add your normal login account to those groups since that is not good for security. I would change the group ownership of the device if that is the case.

Hope that helps,

Zeno Davatz wrote:
Hi List

I installed pilot-manager and connected my TREO 270. When I click the sync-button my 'sync-status' tells me: 04/08/2003 19:24:35 Error: Don't have read/write permissions on /dev/ttya!
                     (On Solaris owner/group/perms should be root/sys/666)

What do I need to change to get this working?

Thanks for any help and hints.

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