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floating point used in kernel


i'm running sid on a pismo with the 2.4.20 kernel compiled using
make-kpkg with the benh + debianlogo patches applied.

every 30 minutes or so (sometimes even more frequently) the machine
stops responding for about 30 seconds to eternity (ok, i'm 
exaggerating... it certainly feels like it). rxvt is always one step 
behind what i'm actually typing, all network activity is kaput.  

i get this in dmesg:

floating point used in kernel (task=c01a9420, pc=c0004028)

same message when not running X but no freezing up.

has anyone else experienced this? 


	7CF6 3A44 DCE7 0C0F D110  1411 90C3 D343 5847 706A

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