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Re: Mac 7200 (PPC) sees Promise controller.. BUT NO DRIVES

On Sat, 2003-04-12 at 17:28, Jessica Blank wrote:

> > Make sure you have CONFIG_PPC_RTC and _not_ CONFIG_RTC and let me
> > know. If the kernel tries to access the legacy RTC chip on the ISA
> > bus, it will hang.
> Yeah, that's how I did it.
> Actually, I was currently trying (just for grins and giggles) to compile
> it with BOTH. (ctrl-Cs that one.. thanks for the warning).
> Point is, why is the box going to runlevel 0 or 6 in the first place?
> Those are the only runlevels on my box where it runs the RTC scripts... :/

I never really bothered about the init scripts, but it always
run that script for me as well when booting to level 2...

> I am currently trying my umpteenth 2.4.20-ben10 kernel compile, this time
> with the workaround for 601 bugs (my box has a 601 processor) enabled.
> However, I doubt that will fix it, since I didn't need to enable it for
> plain old stock 2.4.20 to boot :/
> Is there anything I can provide to you to help?

Well, afaik, this kernel works on 7200... so it's difficult to say
remotely what's up. Tried booting with init=/bin/sh to see if you
get a prompt at all ?


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