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Re: Debian with Mac.

I've run Debian on a PowerBook G3 Wallstreet (233MHz), iBooks 500MHz
and 600MHz, and now a PowerBook G4 12".  I think an 800MHz iBook is an
ideal machine.  The softmodem is most unfortunate, but I haven't
dialed up anywhere in a while so it doesn't bother me.  DVD playing on
my 600MHz was a little choppy and lip-sync sometimes was lost, but I
imagine the 800MHz will help this.  You might as well give it 640MB
memory now rather than later.

The Wallstreet was actually the best machine I've ever had (I'm young,
though) -- really easy to take apart, upgradeable everywhere,
easily-removed hard drive; when I switched to the iBook I really
missed the majesty of the Wallstreet, and when I tried to upgrade the
iBook I really missed how easy it was to hack the hardware.  Heavy,
though, and big.  You can get a G4 upgrade for it, though, which is

I'm in love with the 12" G4 but I'm beginning to fear that the Airport
Extreme will never work, which would be a major handicap, and until
sleep is working I'm dual-booting to OS X.  Also, I liked being able
to slip pieces of paper behind the apple logo on the iBook, and this
seems to be non-trivial on the G4.


On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 08:48:16PM +0200, stamp wrote:
> BJ> 12,1-tums TFT XGA-screen
> BJ> 800 MHz PowerPC G3
> BJ> 512 K L2-cache (vid 800 MHz)
> BJ> 256 MB SDRAM-memory
> BJ> 30 GB Ultra ATA-unit
> BJ> DVD/CD-RW-unit
> BJ> ATI Mobility Radeon 7500
> BJ> 32 MB graphic mem
> BJ> 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
> BJ> Internal 56K-modem
> BJ> AirPort-ready

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