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Re: PBG4 12" and "video=ofonly"

On Mon, 2003-04-21 at 23:49, Georg Koss wrote:
> Hello all!
> Using PBG4 12" with Woody. It contains a Nvidia Geforce 420 Go graphic
> adapter.
> When I boot, I need the yaboot-option append="video=ofonly" for
> getting an usable console. Otherwhiles I get a small console in the
> center of my LCD which doesn't work proper.
> As I read, there is a problem after returning from XFree to console
> resulting in something that could be the console I get without the
> append="video=ofonly".
> So my question is if there exists any possibility to get back to that
> video=ofonly behavior (sorry for my simple minded explanation).

First, XFree CVS should fix the above problem. Then, if you get my
"devel" tree, there are chances rivafb in there works for you...


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