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Acard 6280M howto ?

hi all,

i recently got my old beige G3 an Acard 6280M ATA 133 IDE controller.
the card is recognized fine under os x and mac os. but my debian install
wouldnt recognize the card. i compiled a new kernel with:
but the new kernel wouldnt recognize the card at boot-up  :(

lspci does see the card the right way:
00:0d.0 SCSI storage controller: Artop Electronic Corp ATP865 (rev 06)
(its listed as SCSI-Controller which is right. )

i googled for the problem and found some reports of people with a 6260M
who got at least the kernel recognize the card.
linux-ide.org claims that the chip is linux compatible (http://www.linux-ide.org/chipsets.html)

anyone got the acard 6280M to work can hint me to a further direction ?



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