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Re: Few Newbie Questions TiBook III - woody

On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 01:35:25PM +0100, Benjamin Swatek wrote:
> Second: how do you guys interchange data with osX?
> well, i know there are the hfs+ utils, but as for now, they only can read, 
> right? (by the way, to where does hpmount a partition, how can I acces it in 
> X?) I might use hfs, but it seems to me that hfs doesn't support long 
> filenames, this sucks, i want long filenames, so what about a apple UFS (or 
> whats it called) partition? mostly i want to use the interchange partition 
> for music, video & text files, so can OS X apps and linux apps acces these 
> files? the apps themself don't have to run on that filesystem...

UFS is not supported at all. HFS filenames can be up to 31 characters.
Both systems can access the files; assuming you have an application capable
of handling mp3 in both, then an mp3 file is useful on both.

> other thing is, that when I log in as root on the console, a lot of things 
> flash by, too fast to read, whats that???

The normal login messages, you can check them out using dmesg.

Chris Tillman
- Linux Rox -

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