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Re: Install problem, no boot after all

Hi Tamas

To recover control and boot into MacOS try resetting the PRAM:

Put the MacOS CD in the drive turn the machine on and hold down Apple + Opt + P +R and when you hear three chimes release - it should then boot into MacOS. I've not installed Woody on one of these Oldworld Macs (other than NuBus which have their own quirks) but you could look at the following for further information:




Others on the list can probably give you more specific guidance.



On Sunday, April 6, 2003, at 07:53  am, Tamas Nagy wrote:


Recently, I received a PowerMac 4400/200 as a gift. As Debian offered a
port for this, I gave it a try...
Shortly the result was having a computer at the end, which cannot boot,
nor even displays anything else just a blank screen.

I have the MacOS install disk, the computer was working fine before the
Debian installation trial, ...

Here is what I've done:
- Created 1.5 GB free disk space on the harddrive
- Downloaded 3.0 floppy disks, and boot
- Partition the free disk space, configure network, and let the
installer fetch all the packages from the net
- At the end, there was a question about ~"boot loader", which
unfortunately I accepted and then reboot

Since that I not even the MacOS boot loader works, or even allows me to
load any boot media (floppy, cd)...

Once again, I know that this port is not 100% functional, nor provides
any guarantee.
Any help would be really appreciated to recover the machine with or
without MacOS...

Thanks in advance,
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