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Re: comparing x86 and powerpc laptops

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> My laptop has a 14" screen, DVD, 1.6 Ghz P4M, 256 MB DDR (up to 1 GB) 
> and it cost the equivalent of 1500 euros (including local taxes).

Hello People, 
Hello Florian,

I have got an iBook 500 Mhz DVD which is one of the first DUAL USB iBooks.
It has only 10 GB Harddisk and Rage 128 graphics. Compared to current
models it is quite slow, but it _has_ a lot advantages.

First, it does not need a fan on the CPU (well, it has one, but its
never used). So the only noise you can hear is the very silent harddisc
and sometimes the a bit noisy DVD drive.

Second, the 12" screen is excellent! While it is small, it has a great
resolution (1024x768) and it is very nice to work with it. Compared to
x86 laptops which use the same resolution at 15" displays it is much
nicer working. The picture is sharp and the pixels are smaller.
Personally, I don't understand how people can buy those cheap retail
notebooks with large TFTs and LEGO (tm) pixels. They say its a great 

Third, its light and has good design. Its easy to take with you.

Forth, it is very solid and robust. Under the plastic case it has an
aluminium frame.

Fifth, it is completely supported by Linux. Many thanks Benjamin and 
all the others. And with DRI I can watch full screen DiVX movies and 
it only takes 30% of the CPU :)

Well, there are a lot of other nice features... too many to tell...

This is my first Apple Computer and I don't regret switching at all.
And I only run Debian Linux (sid). No MacOS 9/X at all. That is too
slow for me. And it is not transparent enough. I like to see how it
works (or not works).

Sure, it would be nice to have a newer generation iBook with more
CPU power or a Powerbook G4 12", but thats a matter of money and
the newer machines still have some issues on linux support like
sleep mode and graphics support. But anyway, I hope that all the
good PPC developers will also solve that as time passes by.

Bye, Claas

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