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Re: Mac 7200 (PPC) sees Promise controller.. BUT NO DRIVES

Wonkalicious. Now it boots just fine... when I disabled both RTC and
PPC_RTC (or RTC_PPC or whatever it was), the thing boots just fine O_o

However... after having disabled ADB_KEYBOARD, the keyboard does NOTHING!
Like, zilch, zero, zip, nada... I can't even log in. I can, of course,
ctrl-openapple-reset ;)

I think I'm gonna go dip into the keyboard settings >sigh<

Dmesg is attached... gonna test my IDE hardware now.

On Sat, 12 Apr 2003, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> > I could find no CONFIG_ADB_KEYCODES. (I rgrep -r -i'd for it). I am
> > presuming you meant CONFIG_ADB_KEYBOARD, and proceeding along those
> > lines...
> Yup.
> > Was ist das "Cuda"?
> Cuda is the "system controller" chip of those old machines, it does,
> among other, the real time clock, the poweroff/reboot, some i2c busses,
> and the ADB controller.
> Ben.
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