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3 kernel related questions

thanks to everyone who helped me with the shutdown madness that i was

i have 3 (perhaps bone-headed) questions about kernel compilation for an

1> i have downloaded the source for a kernel (2.4-benh-2.4.20-ben10) that
has been optimised for old-world SCSI-based machines such as the 8500 from:


-->my question: i have a config file that i would like to modify and use to
make a new kernel... however, is it enough just to do a 'make menuconfig'
and inport my custom config file? does it save it in the correct location?
furthermore, are there any PPC-related steps that i should follow when
making the kernel?

2>with the source for a similar kernel (optimised for old-world NuBus
machines) - are there certain steps one needs to follow in order to make a
'Mach Kernel' suitable for booting an 8100?

3> is there any real support for the PlanB video input with a 2.4 kernel ? i
would like to use this 8500's built-in video digitizer for some real work...
but not too sure if it is even worth pursuing...

thanks in advance!!!


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