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Last version of bochs ...

Is there any version of the last bochs software available somewhere. Debian
archives on ftp.debian.org seems not have the good bochsbios package, at least
that is what apt says :

# apt-get install bochsbios
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
Sorry, bochsbios is already the newest version.
You might want to run `apt-get -f install' to correct these:
Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
  bochsbios: Depends: bochs (= 2.0.2+20020419-1) but 2.0.2-1 is to be installed
E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).


I use an Apple Powerbook G4 1Ghz with Superdrive

I use a Debian sid installation

I use a home compiled kernel based on benh patch :

	Linux version 2.4.20-ben6 (root@watney) \
	(gcc version 3.2.3 20030210 (Debian prerelease)) \
	#1 Mon Feb 17 01:11:14 CET 2003

I use the DRI trunk X11 server from people.debian.org/~daenzer/dri-trunk :

	XFree86 Version (DRI trunk) / X Window System


-- Bruno

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