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Re: Can't play audio CD's on G4 (woody)

On Tuesday, April 29, 2003, at 12:17  pm, Michel Dänzer wrote:

On Die, 2003-04-29 at 01:49, Clive Menzies wrote:
I've recompiled the kernel, 2.4.18 powerpc, making sure that the soundcore module is included.

soundcore will be dragged in by the actual sound driver. Is

I went through menuconfig last night and I'm sure that DMA sound is enabled but I can check again later.

Whenever, I load KDE 3.3.1 I get an error "device /dev/dsp doesn't
exist" (but it does).

The device _node_ (i.e. the /dev/dsp file) certainly exists, but the
error probably means that the sound driver (i.e. the dmasound_pmac
module) isn't loaded.

I will have to check again, I guess

When I try to play a CD using Xmms it can't seem to read
the Audio CD and suggests I make sure I have the requisite permissions
(which I have).

Have you logged out and back in since you set the group ownership? Is
/dev/hdc the correct device, or have you set it up for SCSI emulation?

Yes, I've actually rebooted a few times, as well (dual booting MacOSX). I had read somewhere (TiBook doc but mine is a PowerMac) that generic scsi needs to be enabled in the kernel; so I checked that within menuconfig to be on the safe side. Am I right in assuming that because I have nothing SCSI (as far as I am aware), I should now remove it? Incidentally, I can read data CD's fine (or I could before). I also tried playing something from across the network which also didn't work so the problem is sound rather than CD. I guess that means that DMA sound is probably the culprit?

Thanks Michel, I shall try reconfiguring the kernel later but I'd appreciate a steer on the SCSI modules question.



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