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Re: iBook with ALSA sound problem

OoO En cette fin de nuit blanche du lundi 28 avril 2003, vers 06:23,
Ian Wienand <ianw@gelato.unsw.edu.au> disait:

> I have a problem with my iBook 2 rev. 2 and ALSA -- when I first boot
> the volume is at a very low level, and can not be controlled by the
> mixer.  However, unloading the i2c-keywest module and re-installing it
> allows the mixer to once again work and everything is fine.

> On boot, I get 

> ALSA ../alsa-kernel/ppc/keywest.c:79: tumbler: cannot initialize the MCS

> I am running 2.4.20-ben10

> Does anyone else have ALSA working successfully on their iBook?

Same problem here. I have modified the initialisation script to do
this each time alsa is started. Moreover, since alsa seems to be
unable to sleep, I have done more modifications to unload alsa and to
be sure that it doesn't reload itself automagically (because of xmms
which is always querying the mixer).

However, the mixer is still no consistent : the volume is not keep
when plugging and unplugging the headphone.
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