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hwclock on a PowerMac 9500 and summertime


I have a powermac 9500MP, on a debian 2.4.18 SMP. It's my webserver.

I put it on summertime and add a ntp server (ntp, ntp-simple and ntpupdate). So the clock is always on time.
My debian is always on time now:

dulrich# date
Tue Apr  1 20:14:04 CEST 2003

But I can fix my hardware clock on summertime:

dulrich# hwclock --show
Tue Apr  1 19:15:32 2003  -0.984699 seconds

I try:
hwclock --systohc, hwclock stop/start, hwclock force-reload
The hardware clock get the summertime:

hwclock --systohc
daisy:/home/dulrich# hwclock --show
Tue Apr  1 20:15:21 2003  -0.454536 seconds

but some minutes later:
dulrich# hwclock --show
Tue Apr  1 19:18:09 2003  -0.510788 seconds

!!?? somebody how to fix that?



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