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Re: can't play DVDs after enabling ide-scsi control of the device

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 08:38:41AM -0500, Mark Barr wrote:
> Hi-
> I added the "append hdb=ide-scsi" line to my yaboot to route all hdb stuff
> to the ide-scsi, and have set the module up to be loaded at startup. This
> enables me to use the cd burner on my iBook2.2
> However, now mplayer doesn't know where to look to use when playing dvds.
> Mplayer does allow the user to specify the device for dvd playback (it use
> to default to /dev/dvd, which in turn pointed to /dev/cdrom), but so far
> trying /dev/hdb doesn't work.

Have you tried /dev/scd0 ?

You might need to create sg devices (cd /dev ; sh MAKEDEV sg) and insert the
sg module (modprobe sg). Try creating the scd devices as well.


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