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Information about the boot procedure of Mac OSX.2.3


I know this a maillist for question concerned about Debian's PowerPC
branch, but let me ask you a question about the boot procedure of Jaguar.

I tried to create a BootCD for OldWorld Mac's (beige G3 300MHz Desktop).
Therefore I used the utility BootCD from CharlesSoft (it creates
automatically a BootCD).

My problem is that the CD-ROM does not boot into Jaguar when I press the
c-key (the first partition of the HD is booted). But when I use the
utility 'StartVolume' in OS9 or OSX and mark the CD-ROM as StartVolume
everything works fine.

What do I have to modify on my BootCD-Image? Is there some Information
how the boot procedure of OldWorld and NewWorld Mac's work?

Roland Wegmann
rwegmann@student.ethz.ch oder

P.S. habe Probleme mit dem Mail-Server, daher im Moment auch rowe_...

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