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Re: comparing x86 and powerpc laptops

On Mit, 2003-04-09 at 12:14, florian wrote:
> i know that you cant really measure the overall performance in mhz. but
> after all i think its for sure that a 1ghz powerbook would not be as fast
> as a 2ghz x86 laptop, or?

As always, it probably depends. :) The only way to know is to benchmark
the apps you care about on both.

> i know that the apple laptops are great design-wise (i used two powerbook
> models for like 4 years, but mostly with mac os).. but what are other reasons
> for it, when you only want to use debian on it?

Mine are:

      * it's the coolest hardware around
      * it's _not_ x86 with all its evilness and brokenness

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