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Re: #4009: /bin/edit causes error after ae removed (fwd) Adding symlinks from /usr/doc to /usr/share/ additions to Adopting w3-el Re: afbackup now nearly GPL-ed alt-tab in emacs??? Re: [ANNOUCEMENT] Kaffe: The future Fwd: [ANNOUNCEMENT: future of BISS-AWT] announcement: lintian 0.2 package released Re: announcement lists Annoying behavior in X (broken curses?) another attempt to use hamm disks anyone want to package pathchar? Anyone want to package VNC? Applixware / Packaging Proprietary Software Re: Autocompilation of Packages autofs: conffiles should go in /etc/autofs/, shouldn't they? Automatic bug-closing - does it happen? & considerations on bail-out scripts backwards compatibility was Re: Uploaded kernel-package 3.61 Re: [banned] Flight Attendant sends information... Banner exchange Re: base-files 1.6 (source all) uploaded to master base package's address bash & friends for bo-unstable - libc6 depend! Becoming a package maintainer "Berlin" license flawed? BETTER DIRECTIONS: Bruce Perens and Eric Raymond speak Wednesday bind configfiles (Was: Re: policy violation and bug reports.) boot-floppies package bo-unstable perl Bruce speaks in San Jose on Wednesday Re: Bug#15686: Dpkg-dev problems. Re: Bug#16004: pgp-i: coredumps when adding debian keyring Bug#16439: marked as done (dselect removed nolonger available ) Bug#16727: marked as done (project: xload is no longer available.) Re: Bug#16820: libc6-dev: /usr/include/{linux,asm} dangling links Bug#17097: marked as done (Mouse drivers) Bug#17481: hotjava: hotjava has disappeared from hamm Bug#17481: marked as done (hotjava: hotjava has disappeared from hamm) Bug#17699: marked as done (Installation writing to Hard Drive error) Re: Bug#17718: please move kde* and giflib* to proj ect/orphaned Re: Bug#17718: please move kde* and giflib* to project/orphaned Re: Bug#17922: pkg-order: the mother of all wishlists Re: Bug#17959: pgp-i: new upstream version Re: Bug#18033: samba: No error chk in postinst Bug#18238: marked as done (libc conflicts) Re: Bug#18245: mount Depends and Predepends on libc6. Bug#18271: kernel transfer failure Re: Bug#18513: kernel-headers-2.0.32: sets /usr/src/linux symlink on upgrade Re: Bug#18581: ae writes ^M's at every newline Re: Bug#18582: usr/doc/timezones is a symlink to /usr/doc/libc6 Re: Bug#4784: dselect/dpkg errors Bug#4784: Old bugs need to be looked at Bug#4784: Questionable problem source Bug#4784: Stale links on iConnect Debian CD-ROM Bug#6688: Old bugs need to be looked at Bug#7112: bug reassignment Bug#7112: Old bugs need to be looked at Re: Bug#740: The xclock droppings bug (#740) Bug#988: Old bugs need to be looked at Re: Bug#988: `script' is insecure, and general tty insecurity Bug in dinstall? (was Re: vlock_1.0-7bo3_i386.changes REJECTED) bug in kerneld?? bugs for removed/orphaned packages in our bug system bug system internals? (was Re: boot-floppies_2.0.0 (source all) uploaded to master) The bug tracking system as a knowledge base Building a bastion host using Debian. buzz and (was Re: & considerations on bail-out scripts) Can a developer sign my PGP key? Re: Can I divert update-rc.d can we mark new packages vs. update uploads? checking mirror state? Christoph's vnc package Clarifications on PGP5 'vulnerabilities' Color quickcam COMMERCIAL: Metro Link Motif 2.1 (glibc) compile problems with glibc compiling packages on va compress ? configuration tool conflicting manpages ftpd.8.gz in netstd and wu-ftpd conflicting packages [conradp@cse.unsw.EDU.AU: ANNOUNCE: Express (web browser) released] Re: Consens for `Filename: ' in Packages file? Copyright file in multipart packages? copyright question for sniffit copyright question in general Copyright: Restrictions on selling with hardware? CORBA development environment Re: CORBA development environment (Intention to package MICO) Crafty Curious About Millenium Bug Curious warning from linker re libc5/libc6 CVS server CVS source trees and Debian David Welton, your email is bouncing debhelp Debian 0.93R6 mentioned in Linux FAQ Debian2.0-->LIBC6+GCC2.8+Kernel2.1.89+Netscape<---Infomagik Re: debian and sparc... debian-changelog-mode.el Debian "goals" question Re: Debian logo license still not resolved the Debian machines are not for personal use Re: Debian on laptops; recommended? Debian people taking care of spam debian-private quiet? Debian Project Debian-related advertising on debian-announce Re: Debian's machines and net access Debugging libc6 - how decision on the `du' control files Deity Docs Re: Dependency and priority mismatches Dependency and priority mismatches (2nd) Designing a retail package for the Official CD digiinfo revised dinstall messages Re: Directories contained in more than one package, without --force-overwrite Directories contained in more than one package, without --force-overwrite Re: Directories contained in more than one package, without --force-overwrite Directory Organization for Sub-Architectures? Dir sizes on master distribute silber CDs of frozen Re: Idea for Debian 2.0 testing process Re: doc-base 0.1 released Does kernel 2.1..86 fix the chown/lchown problem? dpkg development and gettext dpkg-dev for non-i386 Dpkg-dev problems. DPKG: /etc/dpkg/shlibs.default to go away... dpkg-fsp The last update was on 19:47 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1962 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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