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Re: backwards compatibility was Re: Uploaded kernel-package 3.61

On 19 Feb 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> >> Opinions, people?
> Remco> Yes, I think I have one. But first, let me summarize the
> Remco> problem to make clear what we're talking about.
> 	[proposal to remove kernel-headers package in favour of a one
> 	time libc6 only package deleted]
> 	This has been discussed before. There are problems with the
>  proposal, and the extra effort is not worth the negligible
>  gain. Please look in the archives for arguments aganst the proposal.

(Sorry to jump in so late.)

I know that we decided last time that the current solution is sufficient.
We thought that having the `kernel headers FAQ' (is it package somewhere,
already?) will stop these discussions. At least, until now these
discussion did not stop.

However, since nearly every user (ok, perhaps only developers--but these
are a lot) will use libc6-dev and kernel-headers, wouldn't it be better to
choose the solution with the little extra work (that's the solution Remco
suggested--it has been suggested a few times already) if we can stop the
confusion here?

BTW, I still doubt that it would be that much extra work. AFAIK, the only
`problem' is that the libc6-dev maintainer and the kernel-headers
maintainer need to communicate before doing new upstream releases--but
having the maintainers of such important parts of the system staying in
contact with each other is probably a good thing anyways. 



PS: I hope that this mail does not start the whole discussion again! :)

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