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Re: autoup.sh & considerations on bail-out scripts

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Raul Miller wrote:

> Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> wrote:
> > we currently have 7 install methods (cdrom, nfs, harddisk, mounted,
> > mountable, floppy, ftp).  we really only need 3.
> 4 -- we need a method which combines instances of other 
> methods.  [e.g. multiple ftp sites + local repository]

good idea. sounds hard to do, but still a good idea. we probably wont
get it done in time for hamm 2.0 release.

> Other than that, I like your idea.

so do i :-)

> > unfortunately, we're still going to need my autoup.sh script (or
> > something very similar) to do the upgrade from bo to hamm - any
> > improvements we make to dpkg methods wont be available on the target
> > system until after the autoup stage of the upgrade has completed.
> Er... they'll be available if the don't require anything above bo in
> the way of pre-dependencies.

yes, but if you use dselect to install them then you run into exactly
the problems we're trying to avoid.

somehow, the updated stuff has to be installed before the user runs
dselect. that means either autoup.sh or something very similar. if we're
going to install dpkg-ftp and dpkg-mountable in a script, we may as well
do libc6, dpkg, perl as well to make for a smoother upgrade.

we also need to remove all the libc5 based -dev, -dbg, and -pic
packages...and other stuff like libpthread0 and timezone.

the script can (and does!) do whatever is necessary to give dselect a
known safe environment to work in.


craig sanders

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