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Re: Bug#18582: usr/doc/timezones is a symlink to /usr/doc/libc6

On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, Joey Hess wrote:

> Also, see policy 5.3, which strongly suggests installing other docs there. I
> don't know why you think we've not following that.
I guess my sarcasm wasn't showing enough ;-)

I went looking for the Tex Manual a while back...not in
/usr/doc/tetex...eventually found it in the source tarball

Several other times I have thought there was information there only to
find that the README file was actually instruction on building or
installing the software.

I have also gotten complaints from others when I put something other than
coyright and changelogs into that directory.

I completely agree with you. These directories should contain more than
changelogs and copyrights. Any user useful information that is not in the
man pages or the info pages should be placed there. My complaint was that
this is very often not the case.


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