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Re: debian-changelog-mode.el

On Sunday, February 15, mdorman@debian.org wrote
> Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> writes:
> > I believe this is a reported bug in dpkg-dev.
> > debian-changelog-mode.el has accidentally been omitted from the
> > current dpkg-dev package.
> This is correct.  The next version (out soon) should take care of
> this, and properly install debian-changelog-mode.el into the new emacs
> platform.

Could also please fix bug #15686? (i.e. dpkg-dev breaks with a
non-English locale) The explanation of the problem was posted in a previous
message on debian-devel, there's an easy fix, and it's quite annoying to
people who run with LANG != en.



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