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Re: Applixware / Packaging Proprietary Software

i don't under stand your problem.

what's wrong with /opt/ApplixWare ?
the problem is, there is no good support for /opt.
I could think of :
 - "linkfarm" script to maintain /opt/bin, /opt/man, /opt/lib
 - resource collection (menu entries, xpm files etc) with a script
	to scan /opt and add these entries.
	(and a manuel method, if that doesn't work).
 - "help" to install packages in /opt. 
 - interface to dpkg dependencies. something to say
	"you don't know, but there is a XXX installed."
my /opt holds currently ca. 10 programs, with an increasing number.
dependencies are not a problem, i live without for these packages.

but maintaining symlinks, creating menu entries etc. is a pain.
and here you could help. i don't like the installer packages, because
they are not universal. 

after recompiling i could - maybe - use an installer for netscape.
but can the installer handle ns3 + ns4 + comm4 + ns4.04j2.
installing each in it's own /opt dir, and symlinking is easier.

where you could realy help me, is to maintain the symlinks, create and
manage menu's etc.


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