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Re: Debian logo license still not resolved

On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, Ian Jackson wrote:

> > As stated by Will Lowe, I think a registration process could handle
> > this (i.e. re-register annually under the current license terms).
> But, do we have the manpower to run a registration properly ?
> I think this could only be done if we had a WWW CGI script to do
> registrations.

Well,  since nobody needs to _approve_ the license registration (we're
giving explicit permission to almost anybody to use the license,  and
we're pretty much accepting that nobody's going to check their site to
make sure they're not defaming SPI),  why do we need people to process
applications?  We could write a pretty simple SQL database to accept name,
contact info,  URL,  and current date,  and have a script that does weekly
runs through this info and sends a mail to anyone whose license is about
to expire saying "Hey,  you need to reregister,  visit
http://www.debian.org/logo-register.html"; or whatever.  PostgreSQL is
already running on db.debian.org anyway ...

I suppose if we really wanted to,  we could designate a few people to
once a month or so hit newly registered pages and check for appropriate
logo usage,  but that seems kinda silly to me.


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