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Re: Annoying behavior in X (broken curses?)

On Sun, Feb 22, 1998 at 09:58:08AM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:

> I would report this as a bug but I don't know which package to report
> it against!

I've noticed it too.  I don't really know which package it results from, but
I suspect it's rxvt.  It may also be the new ncurses (which isn't all that
new, but debian stayed with 1.9.9e for a VERY long time for some reason).

A good test case I've found:
	TERM=rxvt joe /etc/profile	# display may or may not be ok
	TERM=rxvt joe /etc/profile	# display is upset this time

I get the same problem quite consistently running joe as my editor from
within 'mutt'.

The problem does not exist in an xterm, or if I set my TERM=vt100 within
rxvt.  It DOES happen in rxvt if TERM=xterm.  

However, lots of ncurses programs don't cause trouble with this.

> An old problem that occurs with both rxvt and xterm is that when one
> exits a curses program, the display goes to something else.  This is
> particularly annoying with less, since I often want to keep on-screen
> the information that I was viewing.  Any ideas on what this problem
> is?

This is a "feature" that has been around for a long time.  I hate it,

xterm and several of the later DEC VTxxx terminals added support for a
"secondary" screen, which (rather foolishly, IMHO) allows you to swap the
display for another.

The advantage of this is supposed to be that if I start 'joe' to edit a
file, then exit, I will be right back at my command prompt with the most
recent set of commands, 'ls' output, etc still there.  Realistically, I
would much rather see the end of my 'joe' or 'less' session than commands I
typed ten minutes ago.

You can avoid this behaviour by setting your TERM variable to vt100, because
vt100's didn't have this silly feature.  Unfortunately, the vt100 entry also
doesn't have entries for HOME, END, PGUP, etc keys that I love so much.

Any votes to remove "secondary screen" support from the rxvt termcap entry?


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