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Re: compile problems with glibc

(first of all thanks for your answers)

On Fri, 13 February 1998 17:17:02 +0100, joost witteveen wrote:
[problems compiling software with glibc]
> All I can see is that both the libc5 and the current libc6 packages have:
> [libc5 (from libc5-altdev)]:

Why altdev?

desire ~ $ dpkg --get-selections|grep libc
libc5                                           install
libc5-pic                                       install
libc6                                           install
libc6-dbg                                       install
libc6-dev                                       install
libc6-pic                                       install

Should I install libc5-altdev from oldlibs/ ??

What is the difference between that and the "normal" (?) libc5


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