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Re: `suidmanager': What about things installed before it is?

> Packages (e.g. A), which want to be registerd by another package (eg. B), should
> create a file F (eg. /usr/lib/xref/B.todo/A) to avoid such a
> problem. File F
> may contain some options for B. 
> If B is installed later it should check this directory.


> This could be useful for menu dwww ...

The thing is, menu already does this. And menu is perfectly capable of
creating www pages (very versitile, with very different structures, layouts,
etc, just the way the local sysadm likes) from the "menuentryfiles" that
have "needs=dwww".

Jim Pick said he wanted to improve dwww, and make a more general, better,
etc system, that would need something more general than the current
"menuentryfiles" provide. This was about a year ago now.
He has never said in what way his dwww would be more general, better
etc, nor has he said what he lacks in the current "menuentryfiles". 

So, in short: if we finally decide to use the already existing menu structures
(and several packages now already do), and drop the idea from Jim Pick, then
we can just go forward with something that is shown to work, and is very
versitile (much more versitile than the simple /etc/menu-method/dwww file
now exploits).

Oh, and note that for some unknown reason to me Jim still included that
crontab for dwww where update-menus is ran nightly. This is utter noncence,
and I've already told him so about a year ago. Last time I checked, that
crontab still was running nightly -- even though Jim promised me to remove

joost witteveen, joostje@debian.org

The upstream maintainer is allowed to do things different 
than Debian, but only if he has good reasons to do so.

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