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Re: Debian-related advertising on debian-announce

> Take offense if you want. I took tremendous flack on your behalf with
> zero support from you since your project was secret. Want me to take
> responsibility for my decisions? OK - I am responsible for them, and
> freezing the official CD was something I promised to do for a few months,
> and it was a mistake.
> Does your message mean you don't mind if we rev the official CDs now? 
> I think the numbering should stay the same but the official CD should
> track the revisions rather than being incarnate for 6 months.
Wouldn't the CD manufacturers be happy if we simply guaranteed them that
we wouldn't create an official CD more frequently than some given rate,
say every 3 months? We should also give them a few weeks warning of an
impending new release so they don't start a new run.

- Jay

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