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Re: "rc" shell maintainer?

On Thu, Feb 05, 1998 at 11:46:00AM +0000, Tim Goodwin wrote:

> >                                          There is also an unstable
> > rc-1.5b2 owned by debian-qa, I think,
> By "unstable", do you mean that you are aware of specific problems?  If
> so, *please* let me know about them.

I think he meant it was in the "unstable" distribution of debian, i.e. the
development version rather than the released "stable" distribution.

> o There is a significant problem around the wait() code, which can cause
> rc to hang on (at least) Linux systems if you '^C' an application.
> There is a fix for this in the development version, but I'm not entirely
> happy with it yet.

Yes, that's in our bug-tracking system. I don't think it was forwarded to
you (sorry about that, I suspect that's because no-one is actively
maintaining the package any more). I'm glad to see someone else has told you
about it.

> o There is a major thinko in the autoconf handling of signals, which
> causes problems on RedHat 5.0 (but hasn't been reported anywhere else).
> I believe this will be straightforward to fix.

It's likely to cause problems for debian too (since we also use libc6 in the
development release); I didn't notice anything when I built the package but
I only gave the package the bare minimum of testing.

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